Teachers, Firefighters & the Popo

The sacred trinity of government workers – teachers, firefighters and police, are ALWAYS trotted out for any and all budget fights.  Any time budget cuts are brought up, the trinity is mentioned.  Liberal politicians site them as the reason for tax increases, otherwise some of the trinity will be laid off.  Conservatives are castigated for threatening to fire/lay off some of the trinity for every budget cut.

Never are the bureaucrats mentioned.  The mid-level administrators, the drones in the EPA, the GSA employees with the time to make videos – none of those jobs are ever offered up by the liberal ruling class for cutting.

Predictably, the Obama administration has trotted out the holy liberal trinity of jobs justifying outrageous spending as the reason to spend MORE taxpayer money.  Obviously, no one wants a community without teachers, firefighters and police.

This guy, and those like him, we can do without:

OF COURSE Obama doesn’t mean he would only hire firefighters, police and teachers.  OF COURSE not.  He means to expand the rolls of government employees in every sector, needed or not.  But lets force this administration to explicitly say what government jobs they mean to create, what fresh new government hell they mean to unleash.

Call the bluff – craft legislation that would allow the hiring of teachers, firefighters and police.  ONLY.  That’s it.  Just the trinity.  I would add, funding is only provided when these people are hired under a reasonable contract that includes contributions to their own health care and retirement. There can be absolutely no provision for hiring of anyone other than a teacher, firefighter or policeman/woman.  Definitions of those jobs must be included.  Public school teachers only.

That would be fun to watch.

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2 Responses to Teachers, Firefighters & the Popo

  1. J-M says:

    Well, we all heard Obama saying that government jobs were the only ones in trouble. Hiring more government workers will bring down the unemployment rate, just in time for elections. They need to justify their job so they will try to get more and more laws passed in order to enforce them. We can’t fire these people because the unemployment rate would rise. You don’t want that do you? You are a hard hearted miser who wants to destroy “good government jobs.” (Dianne Feinstein) Middle class jobs! (this would be funny if it wasn’t so insane)

    I have one question about the “trinity.” Why is it that there is at least one fire chief in California who retired early and rakes in over 400,000 a year, when all over the country we have VOLUNTEER fire departments who do this because they love being the hero?

  2. Lucien Enis says:

    I always prefer to get some government jobs because i love to work on the government. Government jobs have lots of incentives. `”*:.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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