Brett Kimberlin and His Cohort of Baddies

Today is blog about Brett Kimberlin day.  He’s a bad, bad, bad, man.  He has bad friends.  They do bad things to innocent people who happen to mention the bad things Kimberlin has done in the past and the present.  Things like calling the cops pretending to have shot someone so the cops arrive at the faked site of the shooting with SWAT teams and go all active shootery over the victim of the “prank”. 

How fun would that be? 

Yeah, not so much. 

Or having your wife and her work place threatened so that you have to move your family out?  

Not that much fun either.

I can’t write a ton about him, other people I’ve linked above know much more about and they have the facts and the dates.  Ace of Spades has a good list of things you can do to help get this guy to stop.    Hopefully he won’t.  Thing is, he’s dangerous, very very dangerous.

Brett Kimberlin is a bad man.  He needs to be brought to justice. 


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