You Are Who You Read

Do you read lots of different news sites? Liberal, Conservative and Independent?  Yeah, me too.  I enjoy reading the ones who agree with me more than the ones who don’t, but it’s good to get different opinions.

However, I’m careful to not read silly people.  Like that guy from Wings – Stephen Webber.  He’s a looney tune.  I’m not linking his work, it’s horrible.

Worse than silly people are vile people, like Andrew Sullivan, for instance.  I avoid the writings of the crazed and obsessed.  Sullivan has developed fascination with Sarah Palin’s uterus that is inexplicable in a gay man.  And it’s ookie.  And weird.  Also, it says to me that Sullivan isn’t the most trustworthy of political commentators.

So, to find out via Rolling Stone that one of Obama’s favorite columnists is Andrew Sullivan is deeply disheartening.  I already knew that Obama is a strict partisan, that’s fine.  But to indulge in the writings of Sullivan, even as a partisan, leaves me no doubt that Obama can’t see outside his tiny political mind.  It also leaves me no doubt that he approves of Sullivan’s uterus fixation.  He can’t possibly have missed it if Sullivan is on his regular reading list. Like attending Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years and never hearing that racist’s rantings, I do not believe that Obama could have missed the crazy.

GAH! Team Romney, 2012!  Because anyone but Obama.

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