…I am an American

I like this man.  I like him very much.

via Instapundit.

The general demonizing of the political process wears me out.  But what really gets to me is the racism.  The racism of the Democrats, to be specific.  The assumption that all black people MUST be Democrat.  That to be anything else means they are race traitors, or stupid.  Even my own well educated sister thinks that all blacks should be Democrats.  Because.

I don’t get how that thinking isn’t racist.  But then, liberals often get confused about the differences between providing the opportunity for choice and making people choose your choice.

Feminists say they want to give women options, freedom to be what they want to be but denigrate women who choose to be stay at home moms.

Pro-abortionists say they want to give women freedom of choice but then refuse to allow women choosing abortion to be fully informed of the “contents of the womb” or the risks involved in performing this procedure.

Politicians promote unemployment checks as a job creator.  This one slays me.  Because this money is spent does NOT mean it creates jobs.  WTF? This money is spent at locations that ALREADY exist, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc.  Unemployment payments are not enough to develop and fund a new enterprise.  It’s paying bills.

So, anyway, I like this guy.  I like that he’s thinking for himself.  I like that he’s just an American.

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