This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

“John Lewis is not better than anyone!!!!”

“Democracy Won!!!”

WHAT?  This is some insane crazy I don’t even know.  It’s like watching a group of people give their minds and souls away to a cult.  The repeating thing they are doing is creepy as hell.  WTF is that? If you are repeating words you aren’t thinking about them.  You’re too busy keeping up rather than analyzing what’s being said.

So John Lewis isn’t better than anyone else.   Okaaaay.  We know that.  He may have through experience have gained insight and perspective that makes him worthy of a listen.  Is he better?  No, just older and wiser, hopefully.  He’s got something called “Value Added”. Also, he’s probably less smelly too.

This isn’t democracy.  This is mobbery.

Also, just a note for all these “this is what democracy looks like” people, pure democracy is a failure every time it’s tried in groups larger than five.  There is a reason we are a Republic.  That would take reading, understanding, thought to comprehend.

Their list of demands is childish and simplistically stupid.  They seem to expect everyone else to pay for their fantasy life in imaginary no-borders land.  Good luck with that.

Certainly more thought than this idiot shitting on a cop car has taken, probably ever in his life.

This is what nasty looks like.

Also, those are Nikes Crapping Man is wearing.  Just pointing out that evil capitalist corporation’s logo on his spendy-ass footwear.  Hopefully he also crapped on them.

Hat Tip – Warner Todd Huston

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