This. We Hates It, Precious!



Maybe it’s because I live in DC I’m inundated endlessly with lobbyists efforts to influence the Congress.  Needless to say, ALL the time with the nonstop creepy commercials with the serious music and the declarations of doom descending if this or that bill is passed/not passed.  Relentless.  And deeply annoying.

And then this advert started running.  I HATE this stuff, but this ad in particular make me very, very ragey in a white hot heat of 10,000 suns hatey hate.  This ad pisses me off.  With the out of side suffering infant coughing and gagging and struggling to breathe, this makes me angry.

Just not the way the advert wants me to be angry.  I HATE the manipulation in this ad.  I hate it.  There is no science in this ad, what exactly is it we are supposed to prevent? Who wants to poison babies? ARGH!!!! This ad just wants to make you upset about sick babies, left unable to think straight.  This is propaganda.

Okay, I feel better.

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2 Responses to This. We Hates It, Precious!

  1. Cindy Carson says:

    gosh . . . i totally want to see the ad now.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Oh sheesh. It won’t embed.
    Try this link:

    Or now you can click on the photo above.

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