I Hope There Was Vodka

In that Kool-Aide Debbie Wasserman Schultz was drinking when she said that Weiner’s old district in Queens and Brooklyn was a “difficult district for Democrats” and that was why a Republican won last night.

NY 9 is a district that hasn’t sent a Republican to Washington since the 1920s.  How was this “difficult”? They have a 3 to 1 advantage in registered voters.  This should have been a cake walk for the Democrats.

Honestly, if NY 9 is difficult I think Scott Brown’s reelection is certain and that we will have a 100% Republican Congress and White House and the Senate will be well on the way.

Anyway, I really hope there was tasty vodka in that kool aide Miz Debbie is drinking, because if she’s sober saying that she has some tickets to buy on the clue bus.  I’m not sure she can afford as many as she needs.

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