Watch the Prophets – DIY TV Version

I will admit that I am a DIY sort of girl.  I LIKE to watch the shows where some guy finds a couple at the hardware store and redoes there Kitchen/Bathroom/Back Yard.  I love those shows.  I like Rock Solid.  I really do.

But! I have a couple of issues. For several there aren’t easy answers, like the fact that the crasher shows ALWAYS choose the young pretty people.  That leaves out a lot of us.  Okay, I get it, young pretty people look nice on TV.  Fine.

Also I stopped watching the Bathroom Crash because the host just kept opening his mouth. Talking. The end for me was when he got mad (as in angry) about an inefficient toilet. Jackass. All I thought was “I bet that dang thing flushes EVERY time.”

I hate watching the landscape shows at the same time I like watching them.  I hate that they seem to rarely amend the soil.

I SERIOUSLY hate that it’s the same 10 go perennials in every single show.  And then tons of annuals that suck. Same exact annuals every time.  Impatiens. Petunias. Mums. Yawn.

What really chaps is there has been exactly ONE time the plan includes a vegetable garden. ONE.

This from the channel that nags about global warming.  Endlessly.

Algore, who made millions from a documentary so devoid of truth that it was ruled by British courts to be propaganda. Algore has claimed the seas will rise by 20 feet unless we go back to an 18th century lifestyle.  Algore, the Anthropogenic Global Warming Prophet who says that seas will rise, bought a beach house in California worth 8 million dollars.  Algore does not believe his own money making end of the world Armageddon. Algore can not possibly believe that seas will rise because he’s invested significant money in a beach front property. Also, the man does not fly coach.  Algore’s carbon footprint is bigger than the cloud of smug that surrounds him.

I think the same thing is true of the DIY peeps. They do lots of preaching, but I really don’t see it in the landscapes they choose.

So when the people who make money off preaching green and selling green products actually act like AGW is a problem…

I still won’t listen to them.  The whole theory is wrong, the science is busted.  But I’ll believe THEY are sincere.

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3 Responses to Watch the Prophets – DIY TV Version

  1. Nancy says:

    I don’t like landscaping shows because the camera is never around for the big visual pay off when all the shrubs and foliage have grown in and TV is all about the big visual pay off!

  2. Barbara says:

    Would someone please, please tell the folks on these shows that the word “HEIGHT” ends with a “T” like in “MIGHT” … not a “TH” as in “WIDTH”. Please stop measuring the “HEIGTH” of a door!
    They’re loosing their credibility.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    That made me laugh, Barbara. These people aren’t chosen to host based on their know how, it’s because they are cute and look good on camera. Cue Norm Abram.

    And yes, Nancy, I’d like to see them revisit a year later.

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