When Mass Murderers Die

Osama Bin Laden’s son, Omar, is sad that his father is dead.  Awww.

While I appreciate, some little bit, that OBL was his father and that he loved him the way a son loves a father who makes him totally so crazy that he runs away to live on another continent, I’m left feeling ambivalent and agnostic about his grief.

Omar also says that OBL’s burial at sea is a humiliation for his family.  Awww.

It doesn’t humiliate the Bin Laden’s that daddy was a mass murderer? That in daddy’s quest for domination, he caused and ordered the slaughter of THOUSANDS of Muslims and also some Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews too? It’s not humiliating that daddy was wanted for mass murder in nearly every country on the globe? That daddy was a mad mad?  THAT isn’t humiliating?

I’ll explain this for Young Master Omar. When a man or woman commits and causes to be committed vast acts of terrorism and murder, he AND his family lose the right to a non-humiliating end.  After you murder or cause to be murdered thousands of people in vile and cowardly attacks on civilian targets, there will be no Taps played over your casket. You don’t get the nicey nice parade. No one weeps over your body.

It is irrelevant that the dead at the World Trade Centers in 2001 did not have enough body left to mourn over and bury.  Bin Laden’s crimes dictated that he did not get treated to a decent burial.  In fact, he got much better than he deserved.

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