Bored or Overwhelmed – The Tax Code

That’s what’s going on here with this lack of hot fresh posting.

The news – it’s either boring or overwhelming.  Like the necessary discussion our nation needs to have about the tax code.  It’s both boring and overwhelming.  But we need to discuss how we tax, who we tax and the way we enforce those taxes.  I think there’s evidence that the IRS is an abusive arm of a power hungry government.  I think that is true no matter which party is in office.  We need to have a frank conversation about how our tax code got so unweildy and confusing.  We need to chat about who does and does not pay taxes.  Why is it that people earning under, say $3,000 pay no taxes, but GE, which earns well over $300,000,000 paid none either?  How did we create such a sea of labyrinthine taxes, rebates and subsidies that a giant international corporation paid not one damned penny of taxes?

We need to talk about deductions and their abuse.

We must discuss collection of taxes.  That people pay their taxes right off the top, before that money ever goes into their bank account.

We must begin the process of discussing a fairer tax code.  One that does not punish middling success while rewarding billionaires and dead beats.

We especially need to discuss all of this soon because our country is floundering financially.  The debt we are racking up is going to choke us and end our children’s hope for a bountiful future.  ALL of our children.

Then, we need to discuss entitlements.  There can be no “untouchable” government program.  Every single program, including defense spending, needs to be looked at, evaluated, judged and either continued, reduced or demolished.  We MUST do this.  Like cleaning out a closet, eventually you need to go through the whole thing and critically evaluate the worth of a thing, what it returns on investment, does it perform the function created for?

There is a scope of government conversation we must have.  What is the purpose of the federal government as laid out in the Constitution?  That is where we have to start because the Constitution is the law of this land.  You want to change the Constitution?  Fine, we’ve done that too.  But lets do that out in the open, not with smoke, mirrors and a foolishly named brand new government agency.

We need to discuss subsidies.  As in, ending all of them.  ALL.

When you are ready, America, and it had better be soon, we have to discuss this unweildy government which is spending our money like a drunken trust fund teenager with a black AmEx.  We can not afford to be owned by a country as corrupt and wicked as the Communist Chinese.  We can not.  Or, for that matter, by a reasonably good country like the United Kingdom.

This country is wonderful.  We should be in debt to no one.

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