Sellers of Death and Slavery

After what has been revealed in the case of Kermit Gosnell, the sociopathic butcher of babies in Philadelphia, we now know for certain what has been suspected for a long, long time.  Abortion clinics operate without oversight of any kind.

Let me just be really clear about what happens in an abortion clinic – death.  Somebody dies.  USUALLY not the mother, nearly never the doctor.* Nearly always the baby dies.  The pro-abortionists like to explain away the reasons for seeking abortions.  It is nearly always convenience.  Like 99.9% of the time.  (Not a scientific number.)

Abortion clinics are not overseen by our local, state or federal governments by design.  If they were, fewer abortions would be done.  Conditions in Gosnell’s charnal house were horrific.  There are reports of other clinics around the country that are just as bad. Our government condones, reinforces and assists in the killing of children by their neglect, disinterest and assistance, including my tax dollars.

Planned Parenthood is the child of Margaret Sanger, a woman who loved eugenics and hated black people.  She is said to have renounced her racism later in life.  Riiiight.  Believing that is difficult.  I can see that espousing eugenics after the life’s work of Hitler were exposed, the death camps, the millions dead could present some social discomfort.  I just don’t see how she could have become convinced that eugenics was terrible because it sterilized and put to death people who were considered sub-human because it was proven to her that a believer in eugenics put to death and sterilized people he considered sub-human.  Srsly?  She stops believing in something she preached because someone did it?  I’d get that she might back off if she didn’t realize that applying eugenics to real life meant that people died.  That was kinda the whole frickin point.  Death to the sub-human as a way of purifying the human race and making humans better through science!  Elitists choosing who lives and who dies WAS the theory of eugenics.  How do you suddenly say “OMG! Death?  Real death?  As in Graveyard Dead? Ooops, my bad!  I totally didn’t mean that.  Nevermind.”  Bullshit.  Margaret Sanger was a devout believer in eugenics.  She continued to believe in eugenics.  Now her baby, Planned Parenthood lives on dealing death in largely low-income black neighborhoods everywhere.  And my tax dollars go to support it.  While semantics says that my tax dollars do not pay for abortion, every pack of pills my tax dollars buy allows other monies to pay for abortions.

Apparently, it’s not enough to kill babies.  Planned Parenthood also doesn’t appear to blink an eye when it comes to teaching pimps how to more firmly enslave their prostitutes.  Their underage, illegal immigrant prostitutes.

Awesome, no?  That’s so cool!  Not only does this idiot give the pimp the name of a clinic who will break the law and give a 14 year old sex slave an abortion without asking questions, she’s also setting up taking money under the counter so she can get this pimp his babes birth control more easily and without getting caught.

Oh yeah, one more thing, she also recommends that when one of his under-age sex slaves has an illegal abortion that the underage sex slave should only do “above the waist” paid sex acts.

Wonderful, no?

Obviously, call your congressman/woman and tell them you want funding for Planned Parenthood cut.  Thanks!, the people who did the investigation, deserve credit.  Ballsy.  Bravely ballsy.  Way to catch the bastards in the act, people!

*I do not recommend killing abortion doctors.  I do not mourn them when they die, but I do not recommend that action.

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