Life Is All About Choices

Every thing in my life is the result of choices, choices made by me, my parents, people around me.  I live with the consequences of those choices.  So do you.  That is life.  God’s grace intervenes to relieve me of the weight of those consequences.  Sometimes.  Sometimes he allows me to live with the harvest of the seeds I’ve sown and the seeds others have sown.  This is life, welcome.

As I’ve read the Grand Jury report on Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, read the stories of women who got abortions from him, read how this story isn’t about abortion, how it is about abortion, blah blah blah.

Yes, this is all about abortion.  More specifically, this is all about choices, many many bad choices.

One of the women highlighted in the grand jury report was irredeemably injured by Gosnell after her third abortion from him.  Third second trimester abortion.  According to the Grand Jury report, Gosnell stopped doing first trimester abortions long ago.  That 22 year old woman who was finally sterilized by Gosnell after her third second trimester abortion through injuries received during that abortion.

She made a bunch of awful choices along the way.  She’s chosen to have sex outside of marriage without using proper contraception repeatedly.  She has chosen to use abortion as a form of birthcontrol repeatedly.  She chose to wait to have her abortions, increasing the risks to her future health and fertility.  She has paid a price by choosing death for three of her children and now can not have any.

I don’t feel sorry for her.

I do absolutely think she can find forgiveness from God for her lifestyle sins of murder and promiscuity.  She will, however, be paying the consequences and it is right and proper for her to pay those consequences.  The only victims here are the three children whose lives were snuffed out by a careless mother and a monster sociopath playing at abortion.

Was she a victim of Gosnell?  I think not.  She’d been there three times.  She sought him out, specifically, to pay him to kill her children.  She knew his practice was filthy.  She knew he would do as she asked, to rid her of the annoyance of a child she did not want.  That the consequences of her actions and choices to get abortions weren’t what she wanted or was even necessarily informed or aware of are totally irrelevant.  People take risks every day doing every day things where the consequences of their every day choices aren’t laid out to them.  Life.  That is how it is.

The abortion community, that body of people who are okay with abortion in any and all of it’s manifestations, are a community of people who by the very nature of their acceptance of the death of a child for the convenience of the parents, are attempting to reverse natural laws and NOT pay the consequences of their actions.  Sex between two fertile people, male and female, is quite likely to result in pregnancy.  One of those pesky consequences are that pregnancy.

Do I think Kermit Gosnell is a monster sociopath who committed countless acts of cruelty upon the women who came to him for abortions?  Oh yes.  The man did indeed commit many, many crimes upon the bodies of women.  He should never ever see the free light of day again for what he did to these women.

They did, however, come to a man of ill-repute in an office of grotesque filth, surrounded by the trophies of bottled fetuses in varying states of rot and preservation.  They chose this clinic because what they wanted was often illegal and always immoral.  None of them would have visited a dentist whose office looked and smelled like this.  Few would have eaten food prepared here.  Yet they allowed this evil man to ply his loathsome trade upon their bodies, offering themselves up to infamy in the hopes that they could escape the consequence of their actions just this once.  Or twice.  Maybe even a third time.

I hope these women seek forgiveness for what they’ve done.  I hope their choices change.  I hope they learn to take responsibility for their lives.  I pray for that.

The people I ache for in this mess are the babies, slaughtered brutally for convenience.

*For those “life of the mother” abortions – I admit few circumstances into that category.  I do know a lady who had to have one of those abortions to save her life.  She tried to avoid the abortion until it was clear that the pregnancy would indeed take her life.  She chose to abort and tie her tubes so that she would never be faced with this situation again.  She still mourns that child.  I think she made the right choice.  Her situation is the only instance I have seen personally that meets my standard for “life of the mother”.  You see, she was actually going to die and leave her 3 year old daughter without a mother.  There was no doubt, she was going to die.

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