Letter to Steny Hoyer, Again

I’m really trying to not comment here on the insanity that is the pundit feeding frenzy surrounding the Tuscon Crime.  I’m just saying, I’ll go public when I am more comfortable with knowing enough to say what I want to say.  Generally.

This thought, however, can’t wait. Watch this video of my congressman.

This from the man who stated that I have a bad family because I disagree with him on the size and scope of government.  A lecture on civility, telling me not to denigrate my political opponents, that I must confront them respectfully.


So, of course, I wrote him an email.

Dear Mr. Hoyer,

Once again I am writing to you about your words.  In the video below, that I got from your website, you lecture us to not denigrate the opposition and to respect those with whom you disagree.  Your hypocritical screed begins at 2.40.

You lecture us, but you have obviously excluded yourself from following your own advice, of course.  You are perfectly in your right to call me unamerican and to declare that I come from a bad family because I disagree with you on the size and scope of government.  Why?  Are you special or is it just because you’ve been elected.  I do not remember any clause in the Constitution that elevates our members of Congress above the people of the United States.

You are so quick to say rude things about me and other conservatives, then you lecture me to be nice in connection to a mass murder committed by a man who is most likely insane, who’s friends all said he was either on the left or independent.

You owe me and the rest of the good people of the 5th Congressional District an apology.  I won’t hold my breath.

Vivian Saavedra
Bowie, Maryland

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  1. Shawn Crow says:

    Can’t we just get rid of them all and have a mulligan?

    –Johnny Cuervo
    Sykesvile, MD

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