On Charles Rangel and Censure

Today Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) was censured on the floor of the House of Representatives for breaking laws and rules of the House.

“We found his actions, and accumulations of actions, reflected poorly on the institutions of the House,” Lofgren said, with Rangel sitting 10 feet away. Lofgren noted that Rangel has served for years in Congress, and before that was decorated for heroism in combat during the Korean War. But, she said, “that service does not excuse the fact that Rep. Rangel violated laws. He violated regulations. He violated the rules of this House.”


“He knows he messed up. He knows he will be punished,” Scott said. “We just ask that he be punished like everybody else...There is no precedent for censure in this case.”

from the Washington Post

I ask that he be punished like everybody else.  That is that everyone else be punished like Rangel.  I am quite sure that there are MANY US Citizens who would be thrilled to be censured instead of the hell of an IRS audit, losing their homes, businesses and eventually for some, their families, or even prison.

Rangel helped to write the tax laws that put tax dodgers in prison.  I’d like him to have to abide by those laws.  The IRS does not take into account if the debtor was once a military hero, wounded in battle.  The IRS does seem to take into account whether or not a debtor is a politician, past or present.

MORE than anyone else, the person who writes the rules should have to obey the rules and should be subject to the consequences of breaking the rules.

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