Plain Delight

One of the obvious attractions to Chris Christie in 2012 is that the man speaks plainly, baldly even.  He minces no words, strokes no egos and gets to the bottom of issues without feeling the need to play slight of hand or diddling his constituents with lying pillow talk.  Love. Him. So. Much.

I want this.  No more “soaring rhetoric”.   Save that crap for movies.  In real life I want my economy soaring and the rhetoric restricted to exacting detail and truth.

During the 2008 campaign I listened to Obama speak, once in person as I was working the event.  I listened carefully.  His speeches were full of fluffy nothingness.  They meant absolutely nothing but they were effective fairy tale like collections of sentences that, if you were willing and agreed to play along, would trick you into thinking you actually heard some policy you liked or solution you’d wanted. But really, with the exception of “everything is Bush’s fault” he said nothing.  Just words.  Just speeches.

Like, for instance, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”  How in the hell did he get away with that?  I LMAO when I heard him say that and hoped that it would wake everyone up from their Obama induced stupor.  But no, they bought it and believed it.  They wanted “hope”. Hope in what, exactly?  I never got what the hope was for, except hope as an end in and of itself.  Which is rather like having faith, but without having any kind of doctrine and theology connected to that faith.  Meaningless hopenchangery that is awesome for a Justin Bieber concert but not so much for the leader of the free world.

How on earth did all these people fall for this self-referencing, self-adoring nearly masturbatory nonsense?

Because they wanted to.  It was like 52% of the country suddenly all became Agent Mulder and “wanted to believe”.  They heard what they wanted to hear in Obama’s “soaring rhetoric”, rhetoric that actually said not one dang thing to the point.  Not. One.  Who can forget the interviews with the rapturous worshippers at House Obama, writhing in ecstasy and squealing that Obama was going to pay their mortgage!  I had to look away.

Aliens would have been a safer bet.

And now as we approach the 2010 midterm elections so many people are waking up from their Obama induced high.

Welcome back to reality.  We’ve missed you.  Now, go vote Tea Party, take responsibility for your actions and get to work.  Your first homework assignment is to read this piece by Frederic Tomesco, it’s a very eye opening interview with author Nassim Taleb.

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2 Responses to Plain Delight

  1. Micheal Ken says:

    I like your blog.

    “Alien would have been a safer bet” – 😀

    M K

  2. Nancy says:

    Micheal’s right–that was funny, and your line about soaring rhetoric vs. soaring economy was on point, my friend!

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