Yeah, But She’s OUR Witch

With all the silliness surrounding Christine O’Donnell’s past dabbling in witchcraft I give you my response: (via Instapundit)

And riddle me this, Batman: who among you hasn’t done something so absolutely boneheaded in your youth that equals dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager?

Yeah, I thought so.  You should hide those pictures.  And that tattoo of Calvin peeing on your weiner.  You should be grateful your juvie records are sealed.  And that no one finds out what you did in the back of that car at that party you went to at your cousin’s house three states away.  Or all that cocaine you snorted and the pot you smoked and the acid you dropped.  How about those uncool kids you mocked and belittled?

If we are going to purge O’Donnell for honestly talking about some bonehead thing she did in her teens then where in childhood do we stop?

Anyone who EVER used a magnifying glass on a hill of ants had better darn well resign right now!

Criticizing someone for some dumb thing they did in their teens or childhood is always pot meeting kettle.

Now, get back to the issues.  If you don’t like a candidate, go after issues, go after votes they took as an adult.

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  1. And he’s their Bearded Marxist. Great post.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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