On the September 14th Primaries

OH. MY. HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!  Charles Lollar won the GOP Primary to run against Steny *********** Hoyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAY!!!!!!!

I love this guy.  YAY!!!

Erlich for Guvnah.  I hope he wins.  I also hope that when he wins he controls spending.  Yes, Mr. Erlich, I mean YOU.  Control the dang spending.  Period.  Do. It.

On to my thoughts on the Delaware race for the seat formerly occupied by Joe “This is a big f***in deal.” Biden.  The people of Delaware have OBVIOUSLY long been comfortable with insane, crazy and spouty politicians.  Now that we have a “mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” as POTUS and Biden is now VPOTUS, Delaware has a chance to change from Liberal-Crazy to Conservative-Crazy.  Seriously, this is “STORYBOOK”!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve also got a little message for you moderate members of the GOP out there having hissy fits.  In 2008 I supported your choice for POTUS, John McCain, even with SEVERE misgivings.  Even with the baggage of Meghan McCain.  I held my nose and voted for him.  You know why?  Because when you are a member of a political party you are a fricking member.  That is what you do.  You don’t want to be a member, you want to vote for who the heck ever you want?  Leave the party and register independent.  What you NEVER do is throw a pity party because you lost an election and then pick up your voters like they were Barbies and stomp you big baby ass out of the room.  That is what children do.  You, Mike Castle, YOU, are an adult.  Lisa Murkowski, you are an adult.  Pull up your big boy and girl panties and go campaign for the person who beat you.  DO IT.  Don’t do it and you will never hold office honorably again.  We will do everything we can to make sure you end up like Arlen “Benedict Arnold” Specter.  Got it?  Now, run and play.

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