Muslims In America

This is a very non-in-depth sort of a post.  It’s really more of a commentary on the media.

CNN posted a story about two young Muslim men who took a trip across America for Ramadan.  They visited 30 mosques in 30 days.  The men were surprised to find how much they were accepted everywhere.

I’m not.

Here is a clip that highlights a lot of what I think is going on:

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Both the post on CNN and the video are pretty good.  I am not surprised that these men found that MOST Americans are not foaming at the mouth bigots.  Go nearly anywhere in middle America and you will be welcomed, treated with warmth and politeness and given help and aid if you need it.  I said nearly because there are always one or two jerks in every bunch the same way you can always find one nasty grape on a bunch of wonderful one.

I think the MFM, MSM or what ever you want to call them, are responsible for most of the “racism” in America.  Actual racism can be found, like that bad grape.  It’s just not the overwhelming crazy time that gets reported. Unfortunately, most of the MSM doesn’t leave New York, how could they possible know anything about a small town in Georgia?  Mississippi?  These reporters only end up there during awful times when some terrible thing has happened.

The story rolls along just fine until this

Tariq said their blog also helps the rest of America realize “you have to accept Muslims are here in America to stay, and we’ve been here for awhile. Even the most bigoted person has to accept that.”

Sigh.  Dude.   No one is questioning that.  No one.  Well, at least no one outside of the newsroom and a couple of weird churches and some KKK clubhouses.  That “rest of America” you want to reach?  Most of them are the ones in the news rooms who make crap up.  Those are the ones who call my opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque “Islamophobia” instead of listening to what I actually say.

Here is the dealio: We Americans are happy to have you (insert anyone in this space from anywhere) as neighbors.  We like learning about new places and cultures even when they sort of weird us out at first.  What we don’t like is when you try to make OUR home like the place you left.  Remember, you moved here.  We like assimilating your culture into ours.  We don’t like when you start trying to make our culture into a mirror of your own.  So when a Muslim leader starts talking about introducing Sharia law into our local statutes we get a little testy.  When some other Muslim leader blames US for the attacks on 9/11, we get a bit pissed off.  When we are accused time and time again of racism and bigotry when we are simply trying to tell you that we are offended you want to build your mosque on what we see as the grave of our country men and women who were murdered by your co-religionists, we start to get really pissed off.  Then when that same Muslim leader who has said all those things tells us that, now, even if he wanted to move the mosque at Ground Zero he can’t because our country will get attacked by Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other places, you do understand how seriously ticked off we get.  You do, don’t you?

Remember that bad grape I mentioned earlier?  You should really understand that Americans are actually smart enough not to throw away an entire bunch of grapes because they found one runty slimy one.  We throw out the nasty one and happily eat the rest.  The same way you should not judge all Americans by the asshats the MSM chooses to shove a microphone at and broadcast.  We hoped you would understand that.

I’m happy to have Muslims living along side me in America.  Thrilled.  I do not like when they kill their daughters for honor.  I do not like when they impose their backwards ass 8th century laws that give a man the right to rape his wife. I will say that I do not like it, that I think it’s wrong, that I think THEY are wrong to do such things and to support such things.  I am NOT a racist when I say these things.

What I really do not like is when that enormous MSM and culturally induced chip on their shoulder obscures my outstretched hand of welcome.

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  1. Dana says:

    Ditto every single word, Vivian Louise. Summed it all up most nicely.

  2. Nancy says:

    Yeah, the MSM is full of the the most narrow-minded people in the world. Sad, that.

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