I scanned a bunch of photos from my Aunt Rose’s photo album tonight.  This was my favorite of the non-peopled photos.  I love the ramshakleness of this abandoned tomb.  It shouldn’t be in color, it’s glorious just the way it is.

This is the front page, I’m guessing Mabel is Aunt Rose’s best friend.

Aren’t these ladies dashingly wonderful?   I love the clothes and the shoes.  The hats are wonderful.  My Aunt Rose is the one with the glasses.

This is my great grandfather and my aunt together on his ship.  The book said Constitution, but the writing was faint, so I’m not sure of the name of his ship.  Can you tell he is descended from a long line of scallywags?  Yes, this is the descended from pirates side of the family.  It seems like the sea never did leave our blood.  Go figure.  Though, honestly, I haven’t personally pillaged in quite some time.  BTW – I LOVE her dress.  Seriously, I love the clothes from this era.

Sweet, no?

Lastly, I give you a photobomb from 1917.

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3 Responses to 1917

  1. anonymous says:

    Wow. He DOES look like a Scallywag. He’s got the Scallywag Squint! I, too, love the clothes from this era. My Grandmother used to have a trunkload of dresses and shoes from this time period in her attic. My sister and I spent many hours playing up there. We especially loved the fur stoles with the animal heads and feet still attached! Even though I know these photos are from the early 1900s, to me, your ancestors look strangely modern and wonderfully cool.

  2. Dana says:

    Vivian Louise, those are fabulous photos. Thanks for posting them. It’s great fun to just study the detail – from shoes to prints of fabric on the skirt, to their hat designs.

  3. pezcita says:

    Thanks for posting! These photos have survived remarkably well. I also have memories of playing with old hats from this era because my grandmother was born in 1917. I will have to show this blog to my sister, who collects and photographs old cameras. You can see her work at mycameramyfriend.wordpress.com.
    My blog comic strip for this week features the year 1917, only in a more abstract way. http://pezcita.wordpress.com/
    Love the shoes in the fifth photo. They look so much like today’s ballet flats.

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