Network News – Now Useless For Fun Videos

My Dad watches the news on NBC.  He would watch it from 4:00 PM through 7:30 when Brian Williams ends his national version.  Since I live with Dad I end up watching waaaaay more than I would like.

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed in the last few days – the funny videos and stories I saw/read two days ago on blogs and websites are just being aired and presented as “new!”  Tonight it was the guy who took a photo of the thief who stole his bag.  Every single news hour ran almost exactly the same story, the local stations and the national ones.  I realized that I long ago stopped looking forward to the “silly video” section of the newscast because I long ago got my fill of awesome stupid videos on the internet.  I get more, better and sillier videos on the internet.

I still think the local news casts are useful, but the national ones are totally useless.  They can’t even deliver fresh lols.

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