On Movie Selection

Why I choose to pay cashy-money for a movie in the theater:

  • does it happen in space?
  • are swords involved?
  • will there be dragons?
  • chocolate? will chocolate make an appearance?
  • do things explode?
  • are hot men involved in making things explode?
  • does Tom Cruise explode in the first five minutes?
  • is it Band of Brothers?
  • is it a war movie?
  • did Pixar make it?
  • is Harry Potter in it?
  • are superheroes involved?
  • is Johnny Depp in it?
  • will Angelina Jolie shoot a gun in it?

If you can’t say yes to at least one of those I’m already wandering away to check out that shiney thing under the couch. Just saying.

I’ll watch all kinds of movies at home, I love foreign movies, romantic movies, comedies, etc.  I just don’t find that my enjoyment of them is enhanced by a big screen.  If I’m going to actually PAY for a movie, it’s got to be calling for a big screen.

Do you have a criteria for seeing a movie in theater?

*This was originally a conversation with my friend Jay on facebook about the facebook founder movie.  I could think of anything more boring than a movie about him.  I mean, I’m grateful for my Apple computer but I really don’t want to watch a movie about it.

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2 Responses to On Movie Selection

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay…here’s a small list of my criteria

    Johnny Depp? (and chocolate, too…thankfully, someone has already thought to combine the two)
    Nathan Fillion?…in space, not in space…I don’t care
    Is it an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel…preferrably with Matthew MacFadyen?
    Is Jeff Bridges being awesomely cool in it?
    Harry Potter? of course
    Is there an amazing soundtrack written by A.R. Rahman?
    that’s all I can think of…for now

  2. vivianlouise says:

    OMG!! How could I forget Nathan Fillion.
    Jeff Bridges is always awesome. And The Dude.

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