Where Is My Dang Check?

Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate the people who oppose building the mosque/community center/whatever the hell that hybrid is at Ground Zero.  Nancy wants to know where their funding comes from.

Really?  Because this is news to me.  I personally oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero.  I oppose it for a number of reasons, including the fact that its placement is a classic passive/aggressive provocation and because the guy who is leading this charge isn’t some squeaky clean uber moderate Muslim.

What really has me jacked is that I just found out through the bleatings of the Speaker of the House that I am supposedly getting PAID for opposing the Mosque.  Obviously, she doesn’t think that I could possibly oppose it on moral grounds, common sense grounds, sane grounds.  She thinks the onliest reason I could possibly oppose it is that I, and you who oppose it, are getting paid to oppose it.

I hope that investigation goes forward and results in me getting my dang paycheck.

On a different note, Obama thinks I oppose the mosque because I hate Muslims.  Yeah.  Um, no, actually, not so much.  I oppose it for the same reason that I oppose building an recruiting office for the KKK at the Memphis hotel where MLK was shot, why I agree with the decision of the Carmelite nuns to move their monastery away from the concentration camp.  Because it’s really not very sporting, kind or wise.

If they Muslims behind building this mosque ACTUALLY wanted to have dialog with the West they would NEVER have proposed building this mosque at this spot.  PERIOD.  End of discussion.


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