The Expendables

There’s much to like about “The Expendables,” especially the simple straight-forward plot, all the B-movie mayhem you could possibly ask for, and two unapologetic hours of masculinity – which may be two hours more than we’ve seen in all of the last decade put together.  These boys smoke cigars, drink beer while piloting airplanes, and return us to those glorious pre-Oprah days when stoicism was still a virtue and real men didn’t gush about their inner-emotional lives like 13 year-old girls drunk on Dr. Pepper at a slumber party.

I’ll be seeing it tonight with Dad.  Why wouldn’t I see it.  It’s the perfect chick flick for me. And, with John Nolte’s description, what’s not to like?

Also in Nolte’s review is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in a movie review – “Men Who Do vs. Women Who New Age.”  LMAO!

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