Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny!!!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny!!!

  1. anonymous says:

    I just love Bugs Bunny! I really do. He was my afterschool entertainment for years and years. So, yay for BB’s Bday! I must go now and watch cartoons and wonder what my life would have been like without Bugs. *shudder*

  2. Camy Saavedra says:

    Peter and Crystal and I would watch cartoons in the early mornings when they were toddlers. Peter woke me up numerous time with “Bunny, mom, bunny”
    A plate of crackers, cheese and fruit with coffee for me and juice or milk for the kids and we were off for wonderland.

  3. Emm says:

    There is nothing better than Bugs!! And I cannot wait to introduse the Princess to Bugs and his friends.
    His freinds are almos as good as having you for a friend 😉

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