Thirty Fourteen – A Birthday Contest

Because today is my birthday, I’ll be Thirty Fourteen, I’m going to give you, my reader(s) a chance to get something wonderful.

Lisa, the totally awesome and bitchen babe who makes Goatboy Soaps, doesn’t know this yet, but for my birthday I will be sending this totally wonderful basket filled with sex appropriate soap and stuff to the winner.

Full Disclosure: I’ve used nothing but Goatboy Soaps for the past year and I am in love with the soap.  Someone gave me a bottle of some philosophy liquid soap and it was yucky after using Goatboy.  I love these soaps, lotions and lip balms.  Lisa makes plenty of man-friendly smells.  Or you guys can give it to your woman or your Mom.

More Full Disclosure: Lisa and I have been close, personal pen pal friends for a few years, BUT I love her soaps regardless of the awesomeness she delivers to my email box.

To enter just leave a comment about your favorite birthday ever.  One entry per person.  I’ll use to choose the winner. Contest ends on July 25, 2010 at midnight.

Good day and good luck!

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8 Responses to Thirty Fourteen – A Birthday Contest

  1. Brandi says:

    Well first of all, happy birthday!!!!

    So, my favorite birthday was when I turned 7. My parents managed to pull off a surprise party (the only one I’ve ever had), AND I got the Barbie dream pool (This baby right here: ). AND I got a Cabbage Patch Kid. It was right before they got really popular and people were beating each other up over them. My mother never would have wrestled for a doll, so it’s good I got it when I did.

    How could that not be the best birthday ever?

  2. Crabbygoat says:

    When I turned 40, we went for a nice dinner to the Clamps the local hamburger stand. I asked my kids for homemade, heartfelt cards…which I got and were wonderful!
    SIX DAYS LATER… I was going to do my sister a favor and take her kids for the weekend. Rickk and I drove out to pick up the nieces and nephews and as we pulled up to Sheila’s home … I saw all my friends from home. A bounce house, a tramploline, catered food and a big ass cake!! I walked in and was shocked beyond belief, I started to cry and I honestly had no idea! I passed some man in the kitchen who was actually my cousin from Boston’s husband (who I’d never met)…and I’m blubbering…this can’t be for me…I don’t know that guy!

    Best day ever. I will respectfully decline to enter the to enter the contest as I have plenty of soap, lol!

    Happy Birthday, VL!! Love ya lots!

  3. Lynn says:

    When I turned 16, I planned a party with a friend who turned 16 the day after me. My mom also planned a surprise party. It was a week full of fun with my friends and family.

    Thanks for the chance!

    Happy Birthday!!! (wish I read this BEFORE church today) ;o)

  4. Lady Luthien says:

    My favorite birthday was probably my 30th. I’d planned a party for myself and i’d invited lots of people. Well, by the time the date rolled around, I had to cancel because I’d invited so many people–including a lot of people i really didn’t want to be there–we didn’t have parking for all of them. But five months later, my friends threw me a huge surprise party! I couldn’t believe they’d surprised me. It was a great time.

  5. Amy says:

    My favorite birthday would have to be when I was 8. I had my first sleep over party and we got to go swimming at the neighbors pool and have pizza and stayed up all night! It was so much fun.

    Happy Birthday! Love you!

  6. Mamaslyth says:

    Was when I was 17, I think. My two best friends and I helped clean someone’s apartment as a Christmas surprise. We had to sneak in with the help of their landlady, who was in on it. We had a blast singing and talking while clean, it didn’t feel like work at all. When we got back to one friend’s house, everything went nuts, and I ended up cooking dinner and caring for my friend’s niece, while her brother and sister-in-law were at the ER for two different emergencies. I didn’t get any cake until the next day, when I was back with my family, but I had so much fun and felt like I belong that I didn’t care.

  7. Barbara says:

    One birthday I remember was when I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself on my birthday. So I went over to visit a friend who had been ill for a long while. I brought lunch and we folded laundry through the afternoon. She didn’t even know it was my birthday – but I left feeling great!

  8. Emm says:

    I missed the contest- but I have to tell you that my latest birthday was my favorite. We didn’t do anything real specisl, but Travis cooked me supper, Forrest brought me home a plant, and I got the bestest present I have ever gotten- A painted handprint of the Princess, and her singing me the dadada song.
    Bestest ever!

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