Booger Leadership

As I said to my lady friends, it’s really not so much that Gordon Brown picks his nose.  Everyone does that, it’s the only way to deal with entrenched boogers.  Most people accomplish this task in private with the aid of tissues and a sink to wash up in after instead of sitting behind their nation’s leader during a speech they know is being televised.  I don’t even really care that he wipes his excess boogers off on his tie, that’s a nasty habit, but at least it wasn’t the seat.  Or the guy next to him…though, now I think about it, that at least would have been funny.

The thing that sends this little act of personal picking over into the land of vomit inducing ookieness is that Mr. Gordon Brown is a booger eater.  A public booger eater.

Note to self – never trust a man who eats boogers.

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2 Responses to Booger Leadership

  1. PatAZ says:

    After reading your description, I can’t even bring myself to watch the video.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    It’s pretty dang awful, Pat. Nasty.

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