Just Saying…

In 2006, four long years ago, Algore was implicated in a sexual assault on a Portland, Oregon masseuse.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office confirmed on Wednesday that the DA’s office was briefed by Portland Police in late 2006 and January 2007 on allegations brought by an attorney representing a woman who alleged unwanted sexual contact by Al Gore.

According to the DA’s office, the woman was not willing to be interviewed by Portland Police and did not want a criminal investigation to proceed. The District Attorney’s Office was notified Wednesday that the Portland Police conducted an additional investigation in 2009.

A police report obtained by KGW reveals that the Portland Police Police sought the help of larger law enforcement agencies to investigate the report. The FBI, Secret Service and Oregon State Police all declined Portland Police request to investigate the assault claim against Gore, according to the police report.

Funny how the National Enquirer is now the go to reliable source for this sort of information.  I bolded the bit above that was interesting. Really?  No takers, hunh?  Fascinating.

So, now, let’s you and I imagine that in 2014 Dick Cheney was implicated in a sexual assault.   I’ll just let you imagine the media response.

Yeah, outrageous rageyness from all the news outlets.  Imagine the NYT Headlines, Daily Kos posts, imagine the crazytime that Keith Olberman would have if Dick Cheney was mentioned in a police report on a sexual assault.  I’ve got a visual of actual foaming at the mouth.

However, Algore gets mentioned in a sexual assault report, AS the assaulter, and nuthing for four years, three years since he got his Nobel Peace Prize for narrating an piece of laughably wrong propaganda.  The MSM says not one dang thing for four years.  I’m pondering getting a subscription to the National Enquirer.

Just pondering.  Maybe Elvis is alive after all.

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