The New York Times – Biased Much?

There is just so much wrong in this editorial.  So. Much. Wrong.

Any assessment of the 44th president has to start with the fact that he took office under an extraordinary burden of problems created by President George W. Bush’s ineptness and blind ideology. He has faced a stone wall of Republican opposition. And Mr. Obama has had real successes. He won a stimulus bill that helped avert a depression; he got a historic health care reform through Congress; the bitter memory of Mr. Bush’s presidency is fading around the world.

Also, unicons have shot out of his butt to fart rainbows to the cheers of fairies the world over!

Republican obstruction?  He’s got super majorities in both houses, he doesn’t need Republicans for anything.  That he still had to resort to back room deals and sweet sweet promises of gubmint jobs to pass that abortion of a health care bill was because DEMOCRATS didn’t want to pass it.  Please chat with Britian, Israel and Poland about those “bitter memories”.  When Biden is a shining example of just being patronizing (see his comments in South Africa this weekend) you know we’ve got international troubles.

Please.  The rest of the editorial is just as bad, but that’s the worst paragraph.  The editors of the NYT want Obama to keep up all the good work he’s been doing to destroy our economy and the Republic.

And now, because of craptacular reporting, biases and editorials like this, the Obama Administration, not content with taking over banking, cars, unions and health care, now want to bail out the newspapers.

Government owned newspapers.  What could go wrong?

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