Our Trip West – Circa 1977

Today’s edition of The Way Back Machine brings us to the summer of 1977.  My parents decided to visit Mom’s parents and my sister Camy and her family in Sequim, Washinton.  We didn’t fly, we drove across country from Maryland to Washington and back again.

Below is a slide show of the best of photos.

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My favorite memories include searching through the KOA book to find the closest campground WITH a pool, visiting Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in DeSmet South Dakota, getting to fish for salmon with Grandpa, seeing that storm over the corn field in Kansas, Yellowstone and Dad’s famous baseball bat battle with a no-show grizzly bear.

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One Response to Our Trip West – Circa 1977

  1. Dana says:

    Oh wonderful travelogue, VL. And what a crew. There is nothing like family road trips – especially the kind where there is no nonsense like dvd players in the car to dull the children’s senses… give me the bickering, rollicking roughhousing and the “MOM, HE LOOKED AT ME!!” goo that makes up “family vacations”. It’s the stuff of great memories.

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