Foxglove. Digitalis. Awesome.

I’ve got about 10 volunteer foxglove in my yard this year.  YAY!!!  Only one is really blooming at this point, the others are close.

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3 Responses to Foxglove. Digitalis. Awesome.

  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. nktrygg says:


    but how do foxglove volunteer? am i missing something?

    we have lots – this purple type and a white one.

    they keep coming up on the side of the house and we keep moving them to the front, don’t want the dogs eating them


  3. vivianlouise says:

    NK – The foxglove are growing where I didn’t plant them, thus they volunteered to grow in my yard. The seeds must have drifted over to their current spots and taken hold. I have planted foxglove in my yard, so I figure that sometime in the past two seasons, this particular breed of foxglove decided it liked my backyard and is colonizing. And I like it.

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