My New IBFF – Gabriella from Arizona

I ❤ LEGAL immigrants.  I ❤ them hard.  Any country, any color, any accent, any talents.  I adore legal immigrants.  Immigrants like Gabriella make this country strong, bold, profitable, happy and tasty.  These are the people we want in this country, like the Borg, their distinctiveness is added to our own.

What is so delightful about this country is that you can tell that Appalachia was peopled by Scotch-Irish, Chicago by Pols, Miami by Cubans, even though much has been Americanized you can still see the remnants of the immigrant culture.  It is a delightful thing.  For a foodie like me, it’s AWESOME.  I delight coming upon an ethnic restaurant or market.  Love it.

However, just like my new IBFF*, Gabriella from Arizona, I am not so happy with the illegal aliens.  Not happy.  At. All.

*IBFF = imaginary best friend forever

Via Ace of Spades

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2 Responses to My New IBFF – Gabriella from Arizona

  1. Lynn says:

    nice. thanks for sharing…

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Aww, thanks for reading!

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