Funny Hypocrites

Or not.

Comedy Central is developing a cartoon comedy about Jesus Christ.

That’s right, the channel so deeply respectful of Islam that they censor even the name “Mohammad”  is about to embark on a weekly mockery of every liberal elitists favorite target, Jesus and Christianity.  Oh, yes.  God is apathetic and Jesus just wants to club it up in Greenwich Village, maybe get laid and drunk occasionally.

But that’s okay, because Christians don’t go around getting stabby with artists and explodey with major monuments or buildings.  No matter how much the Justice Department, the silly Contessa Brewer, the ridiculous Geraldo Rivera and the beclowned Michael Bloomberg wish it were different, Christians don’t strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up in the Piggly Wiggly because they are pissed off at the culture of the West.  Muslims may not in general do that, but large enough groups of them do that it’s a trend.  A pretty dang repetitive trend.  Terrorist acts are not committed by a list of groups that looks like your monthly state university diversity report.

Comedy Central knows that it can blaspheme Jesus, God and Christianity in safety, exactly the same way that liar and eco-extortionist Algore knows that his brand new 8.8 million dollar beach house in California is perfectly safe from rising seas because of his pet scare, Man-Caused Global Warming, is the biggest lie that ever made millionaires.  That is, both Comedy Central and Algore’s new house are perfectly safe from Christians and the ocean, just to be repetitive and didactic.

So, here we have this supposedly cutting edge channel who are sphincter-puckeringly terrified of Muslim cutting edges, so much so that in the name of “respect” they edit themselves into obvious hypocrisy.  Now, to get their “edge” cred back, they are going to attack Christians every single week.

Nice.  Really nice.  Yeah, Comedy Central, you go.  Be all edgy and creative. And cowardly.  And lame.

Just know that you are dumbass hypocrites.

Here is their contact information via VIACOM, their parent company:

I intend to tell them how very very much I find their hypocrisy offensive.  I encourage you to do the same.

Do not threaten them with violence.  Do not threaten them with anything other than contacting their advertisers with your deep and unmoving disapproval of this show AND their hypocrisy.  I mean ALL of VIACOM’s advertisers.

South Park is offensive.  Yeah, I get that.  But they are equally offensive about EVERYTHING.  There is not one thing that Parker and Stone have left as a sacred cow they won’t touch.  I watch when it’s funny to me and I turn the channel when it isn’t.   I hope that South Park jumps ship and goes to some other, braver network.

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5 Responses to Funny Hypocrites

  1. vivianlouise says:

    My letter:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I thought the recent cowardice shown by this corporation, in general, and Comedy Central, in specific, was pitiful and harmful. It is harmful that this company allows itself to be dictated to by a bunch of extremist idiots who are attempting to beat the entire world, even their innocent coreligionists, into submission to their twisted and revolting vision of a world ruled by their madness. Failing to show the entirety of the South Park episode and then editing and deleting every episode that referenced Muhammad was evidence of your craven cowardice.

    Badly done.

    Now I understand, via the story referenced below, that Comedy Central is preparing a show that treats the Christian Godhead with vulgar blasphemy.

    Seriously? Are you kidding me?

    So, what I learned this week is that VIACOM and Comedy Central are run by opportunistic, craven, amoral, cowardly hypocrites.

    I shall be contacting, peacefully but relentlessly, your advertisers regarding this issue.

    Also, you should really eliminate any line in any show you ever run on any network you control that calls Christians hypocrites. That’s just hypocritical bad form.

    Vivian Saavedra

  2. jayfromcleveland says:

    You tell ’em Vyv!

  3. Phelps says:

    (Caution: drunk commenting)

    Actually, South Park did a cow episode and ran the sacred cow off a cliff lemming style, IIRC.

  4. Brandi says:

    Funny, I was just reading Sarah Silverman’s book last night and she said basically the same thing about CC being big hypocrites about religion (and lots of other things). She even said that she doubts they’d ever run Mohammed skit, and the book was written way before the South Park controversy.

  5. Henry says:

    Great stuff.. Keep bringing it! 😀

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