The Racism of Intent*

I have been personally called a racist because I did not support Obama for President.  That person is a friend and co-worker.  She did it in a way that was underhanded.  I called her on it, but I was only a little angry.  I will explain why I was only a little angry with her later.

She asked me if I was voting for Obama.  I said no.  Then she said, “If you don’t support him, you don’t support me.” I said, “Bullshit.”

She is a wonderful lady, been through a lot, beloved by nearly everyone she works with including some of the workers she’s fired.

She is, however, very confused and misinformed on race and racism.

I would say intentionally.

Surely you’ve read of Tawana Brawley.  Surely you’ve heard of the Duke Lacross Rape Case.  How often have you heard about a noose or a swastika on a college campus near the dorm of a black or Jewish college student only to find out later that the student’s planted it themselves.

Faked racismVile.  And, incidentally, not victimless.

The current big faked racist incident happened at the March 20th anti healthcare rally in DC when three black congressmen claimed that the “n-word” was hurled at them a conveniently rounded 15 times.  Because they counted as they walked along feeling threatened by the imposing and ill behaved crowd of seriously white people.

That’s the charge anyway.

Reality is that the congressmen’s walk from the Cannon building to the Capitol happened to be video taped.  And not once in the multiple recordings of this walk can anyone find evidence of threatening behavior, racial epithets or anything other than an unfortunate “say it don’t spray it” incident.

He who has never accidentally spat upon a fellow human in the course of a conversation or argument please cast the first stone.

Below is a compilation of the multiple videos of the supposed incident of racial epithet calling:

You tell me if you hear the word “nigger” used anywhere.  I listened but didn’t hear it.  If you can prove it, you will gain a $100, 000 donation to the Negro College Fund from Andrew Breitbart.

I don’t believe it ever happened, so I might not be the best person to judge.  Of course, the people who do believe it happened have yet to claim this prize with any kind of proof.

I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist.  It surely does.  I just don’t think your average basic American is filled with the same kind of racist fervor that Robert Byrd felt when he was a leader in the KKK.  Everyone experiences racist feelings during a normal day.  EVERYONE.  That’s human nature.  In the same way you might feel like shoving that elderly woman out of the way who is gathering her coins so slowly in the check out line in front of you.  Or kicking puppies who pee on your shoes.  Fleetingly these thoughts wander through our heads.  Most people let them wander on out again.  They give no credence nor weight to these thoughts nor do they act on them.  One of my sisters, a progressive by declaration, said she was absolutely sure Obama would never get elected in this country because we are too racist.  I disagreed with her then.  I disagree with her now.

Back to my friend.  She’s old school.  She grew up in the time of Jim Crow laws, before the Civil Rights Act had passed.  I do not in any way belittle or make light of the terrible institutionalized racism of that time, nor her experiences with it.  I haven’t asked her about those times, she’s never talked about them.  The subject just has not come up.

I wasn’t as angry with her accusation of racism as I might have been.

I think she’s been deliberately misled by her political party of choice about the state of race relations today.  I think the Democrat party and the progressives that run it are attempting to inflame race relations intentionally in order to gain votes, silence opposition and gain power.  When expected hate crimes don’t happen, they are manufactured.  Sometimes by members of congress.

I think my friend is listening to the fear-mongering of people like the President.  This is what President Obama said this week:

““This year, the stakes are higher than ever,” he said, according to a transcript of his remarks provided by Democratic officials. “It will be up to each of you to make sure that young people, African Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.”

Chicago Boyz points out, properly:

Obama is saying that the listed groups depend on Obama to get a fair deal in America. The “stakes” that are higher is the protection of the state against the dishonest and threatening actions of other Americans.

For women to support Obama because they are women, they must view non-women as a threat. They must mistrust men and believe they need Obama in charge of the violent power of the state so that he can protect them from the dangerous men.

For African-Americans to support Obama because they are African-Americans, they must view non-African Americans as a threat. They must believe that they cannot trust non-African Americans to the point that they need Obama in charge of the violent power of the state so that he can protect them from the dangerous non-African Americans.

For Latino-Americans to support Obama because they are Latino-Americans, they must view non-Latino Americans as a problem. They must believe that they cannot trust non-Latino Americans to the point that they need Obama in charge of the violent power of the state so that he can protect them from the dangerous non-Latino Americans.

How about just “vote for Democrats because they pass moral/constitutional laws that are building up our country and strengthening our economy.”  Why the reliance on race-based politics?

Considering the lies Obama told to get the health care bill passed, I can only assume the lies continue.

Just saying – I’m sick of it.  Sick of being called a hating, uncaring racist because I disagree with policy matters.

It’s the policy, stupid!

Chicago Boyz post via Instapundit

*I posted a version of this before it was finished.

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