Heroes of Free Speech – Updated

I love South Park.  I really do.  It’s crude, rude and awful, totally offensive to everyone on the planet.  EXCELLENT.  I like that they pick on everyone.  I enjoy the mockery of every sacred cow.  You can only do this if you are actually funny, which Trey Parker and Matt Stone are, deeply and hilariously funny.

For South Park’s 200th episode, Mohammed didn’t make an appearance.  That is apparently enough to draw the ire of some group of boneheaded, dirtbag Muslims.  Revolution Muslim threatened Parker and Stone with a death similar to Theo Van Gogh because they dared to make fun of Muslims who threaten deaths similar to Theo Van Gogh’s when they get offended.  So. Totally. Stupid.

Dianna West at RealClearPolitics wrote the best article on this subject yet.

No other American “name” I can think of, no one tops in pop culture, has spoken out against (or even mentioned) the Islamic threat to Western freedom of expression as exemplified by the Sharia dictates against “Motooning.” Certainly no one has produced creative content about it.

Rather, such dictates have been religiously followed — no pun whatsoever intended — just as though our society were itself officially Islamic. This makes “South Park’s” message the closest thing yet to a mainstream declaration of independence from Sharia. For rejecting both the threat of violence and the emotional blackmail emanating from Islam over critiquing Islam’s prophet, the two “South Park” creators deserve a medal.

She had exactly the same take on O’Reilly’s coverage of this story – lame and cowardly.

“They’re courageous — no doubt that they are,” said Bill O’Reilly of Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” this week. He was discussing the Islamic death threats against Parker and Stone that, naturally, followed the recent “South Park” Muhammad episode.

According to whose law, Bill — Islam’s or ours? Or is our law now Islamic? Those are the question citizens of the Western world need to hear discussed.

But not on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“See, I would have advised them not to do it,” O’Reilly continued, “because the risk is higher than the reward.”

One reason there is such a high “risk” is because media people such as O’Reilly left Westergaard and now the “South Park” creators, as Parker put it, “out to dry.” All media in America should have reproduced Westergaard’s cartoon, just as all media in American should now applaud Parker and Stone for their defense of free speech against Sharia.

Surely it is O’Reilly’s responsibility as a leading broadcaster to do that small bit to keep the airwaves free.

Alas, this man of the folks doesn’t see it that way. “You don’t want to give in to the intimidating forces of evil,” he said. “But you got to deal with reality. And these people are killers and they will kill you.”

In other words, shut up about Muhammad, and everything will be fine — or at least Islamic.


Then, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show had the perfect response:

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The Dana who takes Photos pointed out this Aayan Hirsi Ali interview with Anderson Cooper.
Too right, Dana.
Big Hollywood is now edgier and braver than Comedy Central and the New York Times.  Now I am also, apparently.  It’s not hard.  Just do this:
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  1. Dana says:

    Vivian Louise, so right – if everyone collectively stood strong against this and stood strong for the freedom of speech in this issue, there would be just way too many people for the exremeists to stand against.

    Hirsi Ali discussed this on Anderson Cooper. And if anyone knows the score, it’s her.

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