Walk in the Park

I took an easy, loping walk in the park this afternoon and took my camera along.

Guess what I found but did not do:

Now, just by way of ‘splainin – my little sister will tell you that when she went to jr. high she was confronted with my name everywhere.  Carved into nearly every desk she was assigned to was my name.  Even the books she was assigned were often books I’d had 7 years earlier.

I had a thing about wood when I was younger.  As a baby I chewed my way out of my crib, my parents had to wrap duct tape around the spindles to keep me in.  I chewed on my pencils.

When I was in jr. high I stopped chewing wood and started carving it.  I was sitting in the same chair for 9 months not paying attention the very least I could do to keep myself out of trouble was to spend those 9 months carving.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t carve my name into the trees in the park behind my house.  I’m quite sure I did.  I just couldn’t find it.  It would have been my full first name, not my initials.

I didn’t do these, but they do fit, don’t they?

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