A New Jersey woman is attempting to become the world’s fattest woman.

No, really.


She’s trying to limit how much she moves in order to avoid burning off any calories.

Her grocery bill is $815 per week.  Just HER grocery bill.  She earns the money for her 12,000 calorie competitive diet by running a website where “men pay to watch her consume fast food.”

I really do hope this is a hoax.  I really, really do.

I’m not one who thinks women need to all be a size zero to be acceptable to live.  I’m sure there are some naturally occurring size zero women, but the rest of us live somewhere between 6 and 16 when healthy.  But to intentionally attempt to weigh over 1000 pounds?  That’s just a great big bowl of WTF going on there.

At least she isn’t asking the state to pay for her ridiculous food intake.  I am sure, though, that she will ask the state to take care of her weighty (pun intended) medical problems when this little (pun intended) experiment in world records is finished.

I admit it, I do not understand this.  I get attention seeking behavior.  I get engaging in dangerous behavior as a way to get satisfaction and attention.  I get the desire to set a mark in a place that gets your name attached.  I just don’t understand paying cashy money to watch some fat woman eat a burger and fries.  Or ten burgers and 9 packs of fries.  Paying to watch her eat herself to death.  Euw.  Color me judgmental.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I am thoroughly sickened. This is just incredibly depressing to me. It’s one thing to be doing something incredibly unhealthy and foolish when you are childless and carefree. But it’s just awful to do this when she has a child! Her daughter will either become an orphan or grow up with an EXTREMELY bad outlook on weight. Oh so sad.

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