Reason & The Mistake on the Lake is running a fun, and informative, series on revitalizing Cleveland.  I’ve watched the first one, I liked it.

There are unfortunately plenty of Rust Belt towns, including my favorite – Baltimore, to be revitalized.  Look long and hard at Detroit, a town so far gone it is looking for ways to turn abandoned bits of the city back into farm land.  Not a bad idea, if the farms are profitable without any government subsidies.  Otherwise, what’s the dang point?  It’s still a drain on our economy.

Sweet Juniper, one of my favorite blogs, Jim Griffioen writes about and takes photographs of what he calls “feral houses” and other abandoned places in Detroit.

If you look around and poke about, you can find tons of information, photos and stories about America’s Rust Belt cities, their decline and the general depressing effect they have on our economy.

Here, for your ease, is the first episode of “Reason Saves Cleveland”.

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