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I’d read a Robin of Berkeley article a while ago, enjoyed it and then forgot about her.  Now that I’m doing some doctor imposed resting, I’ve had time to rediscover her.

Here is a list of her articles on American

Today, Hillbuzz reminded me of her today in this post by chrissythehyphenated.

Every time I read Robin I’m reminded a bit of work.  I’ve laughed at the people who, when they discovered that I am a conservative, said “But you’re NIIIICCEEE!”  As though a conservative with strong libertarian leanings can’t also be a nice person.*

I had a black coworker ask me if I supported Obama and when I said no she told me that if I didn’t support him, I didn’t support her.  I said that was a load of crap, she’s my friend and not to pull some crap like that on me.  Funny enough, she never brought it up again.  But, I was reminded of this quote of Robin’s:

The final straw for me was when a close friend flew into a rage at me when she learned I wasn’t supporting Obama. The political became personal when she began impugning my character. Worse yet, she tried to intimidate me into changing my mind by threatening to dump me.

I’m reminded of the people who screech “RAAACCISSM” if there is any criticism of Obama or his policies.  Or the people who FREAK when some idiot compares Obama to Nazis, as though that particular epithet wasn’t an everyday occurrence during the Bush administration.  I just did a search for “bushhitler”.  Do one, you’ll get _______ hits.  I did another for “Bush Hitler” and then clicked on the “images of Bush as Hitler”.  1,555,000 results.  Here is my search for you.  So, in a little pig path on my Robin of Berkeley post – I am sorry to tell you liberals/progressives/lefties that YOU and you alone made it easy, everyday and acceptable to call the President of the United States a Nazi or Hitler.  YOU.  Take your medicine like good little comrades.    I personally think it’s vastly stupid to call Obama Hitler.  He’s really much more of a Mao anyway.

Anywho – I like reading Robin.  It’s very much like working where I work, only much less so.  Even though I live in Maryland, our proximity to Washington DC means that there is no monolithic group anywhere because of the Military and the bureaucrats everywhere here.  I’ve got Andrews to the south, Annapolis to the east, Pentagon to the west and Ft. Meade and NSA to the north and all are within 30 minutes away from my house.  Seriously.  The only place I feel isolated is at work where a coworker tells me that anyone who owns a gun is a murderous redneck drunk.  When I tell her that not only do I have a gun, my father owns some and I grew up around dozens of non-murderous non-redneck non-drunk totally responsible gun owners.  She says, smartly so she thinks, “Well I’ve never met any.” and that was that.

Okay, I’m rambling.  Just go read Robin of Berkeley.  Next time I’m out there I’ll try to contact her and meet her for coffee to ask how she’s getting along and encourage her.

*I HATE the descriptive “nice” when applied to humans.  It is utterly without meaning to me.  By all accounts, Hitler was a very engaging dinner companion who frowned on harsh language.  In other words – he was a very “nice” man while being a total raving lunatic mass killer.  Churchill was difficult – fantabulous statesman, though, and NOT a total raving lunatic mass killer.  Rarely does the mad man match up the exterior with the interior.

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  1. Steve says:

    “Vivian Louise: Right-Wing Extremist Apologetics Since 2006”

    I like that – good stuff.

    I read AT all the time – and am always eagerly awaiting a column from Robin of Berkeley.

    stay strong and please, be nice.

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