Vomit as Art?

So I’m catching up on Jim Treacher’s DC Trawler tonight and I run across this head line “Sarandonfreude“.  Turns out Sarandon not only broke up with her man, she got vomited on by a performer.  Euw.

I’m not happy that Susan Saradon got vomited on.

I don’t care that the performer is a transsexual.

I am, however, deeply baffled that projectile vomiting is considered art.


The article states that the performer “engaged” in projectile vomiting.

WTF x infinity.

This passes as art?  Because I’m totally sure there are plenty of mothers who would be totally happy to set up a camera in their bathrooms during flu season and You Tube all the vomit.  Heck, I bet they’ll set it to music.

Meantime, WTF?  I used to got to the Nightclub 930 in DC all the time.  The place reeked.  There was a SMELL.  Vomit, beer, poo, sweat and something.  You know a place where the performer regularly “engages” in projectile vomiting REEKS.

That leaves me with two thoughts:

A. I don’t think I’d like the majority of celebrities if I ever did meet them.  I mean, what do you have to do to yourself to get to the point where you LIKE vomit shows?

B. I really hope to God that the stimulus and the NEA did not fund this.  I will be quite put out.  Especially because I pass a corner in PG on my way to work where I’m totally sure people who enjoy this sort of thing could get their vomit-watchers on and not have to pay a dime.  Or even a redesigned penny.

So, if liking vomit art means I am a good art lover, color me a hopeless Philistine.

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2 Responses to Vomit as Art?

  1. Phelps says:

    What I want to know is when did Kelly Osborne stop hating herself and turn cute?

  2. Dana says:

    “Apparently [Sarandon] got a big kick out of it. She squealed with surprise and loved it when several handsome gentlemen wiped it off of her. She had a ball! I saw her assistant downstairs afterward, and he was moved by it! She was in great spirits,” Wood told the New York Press.”

    I’d say the vomitee is just as disturbed as the vomiter. Maybe this is what uber-sophisticated art aficionados are like and unfortunately we’re just rubes who can’t recognize it….

    But it’s funny because most every mom I know has been the recipient of projectile vomiting by at least one of her babies and yet I don’t know a single one who thought, Oh, cool, hope I can experience that high art again.

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