Nanny Stating the Fun Out of Hot Dogs

So.  Coffee is HOT.  Did you know?  Just so we are clear, when you get a coffee in the morning from the drive thru don’t place the coffee between your legs and then drive away.  Yeah, I know the coffee was hotter than it should have been when Groin Burn Woman drove away from the McDonalds.  However, she remains an idiot for putting HOT coffee she knew was HOT in her lap while driving.  And now we have labels of the obvious mandated by the government.  I haven’t done the research on how much, but every little bit of printing on a cup costs money.  Actual, real money.

Which, for those of you who aren’t following me, real money that could pay real wages.

Now we’ve got some more idiot nanny-staters wanting the change the shape of hot dogs and put warning labels on them.


How about putting a warning label on your forehead that reads “Use Common Sense Daily”.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.  ARGH!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Nanny Stating the Fun Out of Hot Dogs

  1. Kristin says:

    ROFL! I saw this story last night on the news and slapped my forehead. I remember growing up and my mom watching us eating hotdogs to make sure we didn’t choke. I’m really tried of people passing parent responsibility on to some other entity. Times like these I wish I had kids just so I can say “ see this is how you do it, dumbass”.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    My Mom was ENDLESSLY telling us to “chew your food!!!” so we wouldn’t choke. It’s a mother’s job to tell a child all the horrible and wretched things that happen if you eat too fast or chew too little. Right along side “Your face will stick that way!” is “Don’t go swimming right after you eat!”

    Mom cut our food for us until we were allowed to have knives. Obviously, a knife is way stabbier than a cooked hot dog and therefore more dangeorus.

    I thought it was interestingly hilarious that one of the women behind this little bit of statist stupidity let her 2 year old eat a piece of hard candy and it choked on it. That’s what frickin life savers are for, dodo. 2 years olds can’t be trusted with hard candy, that’s why you don’t give it to them.

  3. Phelps says:

    Hot dogs may be manufactured, but the shape is still “naturally” defined. As long as they are made from intestines, they are going to be tube shaped. Deal with it.

    Also, teach your kids how to use a knife, and how to shoot a gun. And let them play in dirt, so they aren’t plagued by a million allergies when they grow up.

  4. Dana says:

    Dodger dogs will never be the same again!

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