The Third Snowman of the Snowpocalypse

Yeah, he’s here, but hidden. 😀  I’ll get a picture later.

I dug a trench to the bird feeder because it was covered with snow.  I also wanted to knock off some of the snow build up so the pole didn’t bend or snap.  The picture below is the first picture I took this morning.

First View From My Back Door

When I woke at 4 for no good reason I realized that there was LIGHTNING and THUNDER in the storm that woke me up.

The roof is covered but the wind is forming some fun features:

Roof Line

The snow measured 17 inches this morning, but that was in the shadow of the house.  I’ll try to measure it further out.  Or not.  Depends.

Wanna Picnic?

Snow Bird Feeder

Path to the Birdfeeder

More later!

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4 Responses to The Third Snowman of the Snowpocalypse

  1. Nancy says:

    Question from a southerner: how long did it take you to shovel that walkway?

    Also: will there be hot cocoa and popcorn for snacks today. What if you need to drive to the store? Do you just do it or do you think, maybe I’ll go tomorrow?

  2. vivianlouise says:

    It took about 10 minutes. I dug it out three inches at a time, protects my back and shoulders.

    Hot cocoa, tea and coffee. Popcorn for sure, also carrot soup and roasted chicken. This morning I made banana muffins.

    We won’t be leaving the house except to shovel until Monday, maybe. Dad shopped Thursday and then when I didn’t have to work on Friday I went and picked up a few things. We started planning for being in the house when the first forecast for snOMG came up.

    Around here you can’t be sure the stores are open in this kind of snow. They are in DC, but we are being told the Gov’ner of Maryland has issued an order for people to stay home unless it’s an emergency. Like the kind where your leg came off, not the kind where you ran out of Chocolate Cheerios.

    • Nancy says:

      What about a shemergency, like you really, really need to get to the department store lest some other tart get that perfect pair of size 9s you saw in the window a few days ago?

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Ahhh, fashion emergencies.


    You just mug her two weeks from now and rip them off her unmoving body. I mean, in the name of fashion you make sure she’s decoratively arraigned on the pavement. You can’t pop a cap in her ass since that might get blood on those size 9’s. 😀

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