The Second Snowman of the Snowpocalypse Arrives

2nd Snowman of the Snowpocalypse - Mild Accumulation

And now, The Accumulation Begins….

Dad and I shoveled the driveway just to get ahead of The Accumulation.   Everything was already covered again by the time we got to the end.  We plan on shoveling every few hours tomorrow just to combat The Accumulation.

I got out to take some pictures.

Plowing My Street

I liked the way the snow plow’s lights look a bit like fire.  My camera was on auto focus so it got confused about what it was supposed to focus on, the snow or the object.  Since I got the camera and we’ve had snow (a lot this year) I haven’t had this problem.

Snow House

This is my house.   There is snow.

Big Tree, Big Snow

I’m  kind of liking the unfocusedness of this shot.  Especially the way the snowflakes above the tree left trails.  Sweet!

Snowy Pyracantha

I went out to knock the snow off the bushes.  Of course I took a picture first.

Now, I’m not going out again tonight, so the Third Snowman of the Snowpocalypse will arrive sometime around midnight and will be pictured tomorrow.  The Third Snowman – Heavy Accumulation – will foreshadow the coming of the last of the Snowmen of the Snowpocalypse – Snow Totals!!!


Hopefully this will warm you up:

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