The First Snowman of the Snowpocalypse Has Come

1st Snowman 2/5/10

There are three more to come.

We are getting snow heavily now, and though it’s been snowing for hours, now it’s begun to really accumulate.  The estimates for this storm keep going up.  That’s okay.  We have girded ourselves up with the weapons long known to be effective against snow in the Mid-Atlantic Region handed down to us by the first human inhabitants – toilet paper, milk and bread.  I’ve also got a meatloaf in the oven and carrots on the stove becoming soup for tomorrow’s battles against Snowman Two, Three and Four.

More pictures I took today:

Taken around 2:00

This was before the snow started sticking but after it started falling.  Oh, that snow already on the ground?  Yeah, that’s from last Saturday and Tuesday.  6 inches each.

Taken around 3:30 PM

The Snowpocalypse has begun.

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