Mom’s Aunt Rose

My Mother spoke about her Aunt Rose, my great Aunt, with deep love and respect.  I only remember the old woman, whom I liked.  Mom LOVED her Aunt Rose.  I was kinda suprised thinking about it that she didn’t name any of us Rose.

In going through boxes of stuff about two years ago, one of my sisters and I stumbled upon books of photographs we had never before seen.  Fun photos, stuff from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

This one photo of my Mom’s Aunt Rose helped me understand much more about why Mom loved her so:

I LOVE the suit.  Love it.  Rose is so confident there, in her man suit, standing in the muck and mud of a farm yard with out any grass.  My Mom is the younger girl Rose is wrapped around, I’m enjoying Mom’s utter GLEE in being with her Aunt Rose.  Jano, the older girl, looks just as happy.  This was taken sometime during the Depression.

Also, I really love Mom’s wrinkly kneed tights.

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3 Responses to Mom’s Aunt Rose

  1. Dana says:

    That is really a terrific photo (and find), Vivian Louise. Aunt Rose in her confident suit and stature reminds me sort of a young Hepburn. I love your mom’s little bob cut, too. I hope you plan to share more as you go through them.

  2. Nancy says:

    I would have missed the wrinkled knees if you hadn’t mentioned it, and you know those are wool suits Rose and Jano are wearing. Wow. They all look so happy.

  3. Rachel says:

    They really do look happy in that picture… You know Aunt Rose was special if she chould bring such happiness during the Great Depression. It’s a fabulous picture!

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