Chris Matthews – Insane or EXTRA Crazy?

“By all appearances, he’s post racial”…except that he’s black!  Remember, Obama is a black guy.  Black!!!!  BLLAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

I don’t see Obama as a black man.  I see Obama as a man.  That’s the difference between me and Chris.

Of course, Chris Matthews also sees West Point as “the enemy camp”, so no wonder he needs to make sure everyone notices and remembers that Obama is a black man.  Who is black.  And a man.  Just remember.  Chris Matthews is obviously unable to process rational information in a way that makes some dang sense.

I think he doesn’t know what “post-racial” actually means.  Or maybe he’s too busy dealing with all those “thrills” going up his leg.

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3 Responses to Chris Matthews – Insane or EXTRA Crazy?

  1. Kristin says:

    I don’t think noticing someone’s race/ethnicity is a bad thing. To me its similar to noticing hair color or eye color the only problem is to not let preconceived opinions color (no pun intended) your treatment of that person.

  2. vivianlouise says:


    I agree, if in the process of noticing, like you said, your treatment of that person isn’t affected.

    But, with this instance, I think it was beyond the innocent appreciation of colors.

  3. Emm says:

    I find it so very interesting that so much time is spent discussing how “Black” or “White” the POTUS, and others are, when clearly we should be discussing things that actually matter.

    If I needed to give a description of a person in order for you to recognize him or her- and it was pertinent, then I might tell you what color their skin is- just like I would tell you the color of the shirt they might be wearing. However, it really isn’t pertinent to me – or probably many other people, what color Mr. O’s skin is, or with which ethnicity he wants to define himself.
    What matters ( or should matter) to us is if he is a good president and has a clue in hell about running a REPUBLIC. and frankly- I think not.
    Although if we change our name to the United Socialist of Amerikka he may qualify.

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