Astroturfing and Death Threats

This past week has been chock full of stuff.  Scott Brown and the Browning of Massachusett(E)s.  WOOOOO, go Senator Hottie McAwesomeNancy’s on again/off again but mostly on again behind door deal making to force a gargantuan health tyranny on the citizens of the US, even though it’s just like we’ve spoken or something. We’ve got the debt ceiling about to be raised, again.  Aftershocks in Haiti and some guy surviving for nearly two weeks under the rubble on soda, beer and cookies.  YAY! Beer and cookies!  Those glaciers in the Himalayas aren’t going away after all, even though there’s been thousands and millions of dollars of government money being poured into proving that random phone conversation was really true, no scientific proofing needed for the IPCCAgain. Back to the “Fake but accurate” thingy the left seems so fond of…Aunty Emm,  it MUST be true because I FEEL like it should be…or some such nonsense.

There are two other stories from the past week I’d like to highlight – One a weird story of astroturfing on behalf of the Obama Administration and another a story of death threats and attempted blackmail against a group of gay men in Chicago.

First, Hill Buzz and the group of gay men in Chicago receiving Death Threats. –

Someone told us to be very careful with digging too deep into this, because if our hunch is right and this does lead back to the DNC and Organizing for America themselves, there are many people who will do us physical harm to keep us from exposing them.

This is the link to their original post about the death threats, libel, slander and harrassment.  I’m thrilled they’ve lawyered up.

Madness,  this is madness, not Sparta.  It is insanity to play politics this way.  Considering the history of the left, though, this is not surprising.  Between the Nazis (yes, they were leftists, National Socialist?  Hello!), Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Che, etc. – they do not have a nice history of being in power and playing nice with their opponents.  Or gays.  Or blacks. Or Jews.  Just saying, when the left gets into power they start to kill their own.  It’s a necessary part of the greater picture.  Eugenics anyone?   Margaret (Kill the black babies!) Sanger. Like this wee little clip of George Bernard Shaw slobbering over Hitler’s killer ways:

The “we need to kill those who are unfit and against us” movement hasn’t died out.  Just look for it, it’s out there.

And now the astroturfing:

Over at Patterico you can find all the hitherto found instances of Ellie Light and her awesome one woman letter writing campaign from her homes in 62 different towns in America.  I’m glad she wrote those letters, afterall, anyone who has 62 different homes is certainly just like the rest of us…

There are also a number of other instances of astroturfing being winkled out over there.

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2 Responses to Astroturfing and Death Threats

  1. Emm says:

    Aunty Emm says ” Child- you well know True is True, and not True is FALSE. I know you have feelings, and feelings are special I am sure, but they do not decide what is true or not true. If they did then I would be a beautiful Stevie Nicks look-a-like, because sometimes I feel that way. We both know I am not.”

    But Aunty Emm still loves you lots!!!
    Watch out for flying monkeys

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Yes, Emmy, and I would look something like Zena the Warrior Babe.

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