You Keep Using That Word…

Bipartisanship.  Read this tidbit from the Financial Times Deutschland

“For Obama, the election in Massachusetts means that he will have to re-evaluate his political style. He could now focus his concentration on his political base and push through his policy agenda. After all, he still has a majority in Congress — he could back away from his strategy of bipartisanship … which would mean giving up much of what he spent his first year in office creating.”

“More likely, however, is that Obama will interpret the Massachusetts loss as a signal that he should move further toward the middle and make more concessions to the conservatives — even if this alienates his base even further, a base which had high expectations from the ‘yes we can’ candidate.” emphasis mine

Convincing one lone Republican, namely Olympia Snowe, to sell her soul to the devil one time does NOT equal a “strategy of bipartisanship”.

What stategy?  There’s a bipartisan strategy?  Locked doors, secret meetings, special deals done in the dead of night, saying “I WON!”.  THAT bipartisan strategy? 

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

On an additional note: This last quote from the FTD is disturbing:

“For everyone else in the world, this means that they will have to bid farewell to a candidate for whom the hopes were so high. They will have to say goodbye to the charisma they fell in love with. Obama will be staying home after all.”

Hey, Germany, just a friendly reminder for you folks in the Fatherland: Remember the last frickin time you “fell in love” with someone’s “charisma”.  That didn’t work out so well


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