That’s Not Precisely It…

Yesterday while in Massachusett(E)s to campaign for Martha Coakley, President Obama said the following:

“People are frustrated and they’re angry, and they have every right to be,” President Obama said, “I understand. Because progress is slow, and no matter how much progress we make, it can’t come fast enough for the people who need help right now, today.”

With all due respect – WRONG!!!!!!  Wrong wrong wrong.  We aren’t angry because you are slow in getting your agenda complete.  We are angry about the agenda itself.  We do not want a socialist country.  We do not want to be taxed any more.  We do not want your economic agenda.  We do not want your environmental agenda.

Also, just an FYI – quit with the straw man arguments.  Read the rest of Jake Tappers article – Obama’s arguments are all setting up straw men to knock them down.  For instance:

“You know, we always knew that change was going to be hard. And what we also understood — I understood this the minute I was sworn into office — was that there were going to be some who stood on the sidelines, who were protectors of the big banks, and protectors of the big insurance companies, protectors of the big drug companies, who would say, ‘You know what, we can take advantage of this crisis — because it’s going to be so bad, even though we helped initiate these policies, there’s going to be a sleight of hand here because we’re going to let Democrats take responsibility. We’re going to let them make the tough choices. We’re going to let them rescue the economy. And then we can tap into that anger and that frustration.’

Who, precisely, is it who made deals behind closed doors with drug companies and insurance companies?  Mitch McConnell?  Darth Cheney?  No, Obama made back door deals with drug companies and insurance companies.  Obama has made even more ridiculous deals with union bosses.  Obama is the one who has presided over the ridiculous Stimulus that has bankrupted our country and rewarded bad behavior, I’d like to ask him about his sweetheart deals to GM and Chrysler.

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