On Colors

A story in the New York Times about the serious side effects of skin lightening creams makes me sad.  Really. Sad.  And not a little bit angry.

I detest and actively hate that comment that Harry Reid made about Obama being a “lighter skinned African American” and that because of the lighter skin tone he is somehow more acceptable.

I really hate this mind set.

When I look at my Haitian friend, all I see is beautiful.  I LOVE her dark skin color, she has this lovely glow about her.  I know that a lot of that is HER, but I also actively like her skin color.

My dear friend, The Empress, has the most lucious and velvety chocolatey brown colored skin.  I think her very color enhances her beauty, which is enormous.

Another lady I know from Kenya has this fabulously dark blue-black skin that changes in the sun.  Her Masai roots have given her an elegant, dark beauty that I think is unsurpassed by anyone else I know.

My own family tends towards the darker side of tan, but our mutt-like background means that we are rather varied in skin tone.  Some of us are lighter, some darker, some have beautiful blue eyes, mine are hazel/green/yellow, others have lovely brown.  Our hair hits all colors from blonde and light red to black and everything in between.  I like my family and our variety.

One dear friend has this gorgeous pale porcelain-like skin that also glows.  Another is like a peach, one is a glorious olive dusky creature.

I LOVE all these colors.

I really hate that people endanger their health to bleach their skin.  Not only do they end up looking entirely weird, like Sammy Sosa or Michael Jackson, they are now the owners of defective protection against the elements.

I hate that skin tone is still an issue.  I HATE that. It is a totally stupid and pointless thing to get weird, angry, disgusted and freaky about.

So, I’m just laying this out here now – I like healthy skin in all kinds of shades.  I like humans exactly the way God made them.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Good post. I share your sentiments on skin! 🙂

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