On Haiti

I’ve a dear friend at work whose family is missing, she’s had no contact at all with any of them in or out of Port au Prince.  It was to her and her family that my mind flew when I heard the word of the earthquake Tuesday afternoon/evening.  The next morning it was for her that my prayers went out on my way back to work.  It is awful to stand beside her and watch the grief, fear, hopelessness and terror.  It is much more awful for her, whose hands ache to dig her loved ones out, to hold them, whose heart is so full of more horrible fears than she can bear.

And that is just one woman.  There are so many, many more.

Rushing to help, so many people coming to aide the people of Haiti, everyone aware that it’s already too late.  That’s the part that is so utterly heartbreaking.  It is already largely much too late to save the majority of the people trapped in the rubble.  As this story testifies – The tools needed to save those who were still alive on day one were missing, many are already dead.  The living trapped deeper who live are injured and on day three with no water.  If they survive it will still be more time than they likely have before they are found and released.   I still pray and hope for miracles.

Sent from all over, the problem is that there is no government, no leaders, no infrastructure, no nuthing to distribute it.  Order MUST be kept.  That will require someone to take the lead, but who?  The UN?  The US?  I don’t know.

God help Haiti.  There are acres of problems and no space to cure them.  The government is gone so, again, who leads?  Do we impose building standards?  Seriously, what do we do?  Haiti is full of adults – we must treat them that way.  Yet, it is also a country bound by a rich history of corruption and poverty.  I don’t know the answers for this either.

Pat Robertson:
I would like to offer an apology to every Haitian for the monumental and egregious stupidity that is Pat Robertson. Please know that if I could, I’d have his lips super glued shut to prevent him from ever beclowning himself and embarrassing Christians with his mouth ever ever again.  He is an idiot, a dolt and does not speak for Christians in general.  I was horrified that he had the balls to speak as though he actually has some sort of knowledge about what God and/or the Devil does.

I don’t have sufficient words to cover the horror that is Haiti right now.  I’m just praying.

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2 Responses to On Haiti

  1. Emm says:

    I can only agree with you and pray also for all of the people both in Haiti, and those who have loved ones there.

    As for Pat Robertson- my only comment is that it astounds me that the word christian can come out of his mouth ,,, ,,,,,,,
    ok and maybe God should have kept the smiting thing going for him and others like him-
    Because every time he opens his mouth as far as I am concerned he is using the Lords name in vain.

  2. Dana says:

    An eloquent post, VL.

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